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Schickhardt Rechtsanwälte is a highly specialized boutique law firm working in the areas of professional sport and entertainment law. It unites 35 years of experience in this highly complex business segment, which is often fraught with pitfalls. Targeted expertise, decades of experience, and an excellent reputation in Germany and abroad guarantee that our clients are on the safe side. We have long-term relationships with our clients, which often means that we provide reliable and high-quality legal services and support to them throughout their entire careers. Over the decades the Schickhardt Rechtsanwälte lawyers have been engaged by German and international soccer clubs, top professional athletes in the most popular sports disciplines, famous trainers and managers, musicians, artists, record labels, filmmakers, and also national and international corporations. The outstanding reputation of the Schickhardt Rechtsanwälte lawyers gives our clients the assurance that they are receiving reliable, trustworthy, and competent advice, and they know that we are committed to their success.

Our attorneys

Who we are …

Professor Christoph Schickhardt

(Founding Partner)


Christoph Schickhardt is the founding partner of Schickhardt Rechtsanwälte. Since 1983 he has been working in the highly specialized field of professional sports law and is recognized as one of Germany’s leading sports lawyers.


For decades Christoph Schickhardt has been respected by the legal community for his reputation as a leading expert, a strong negotiator, and a dependable partner. Christoph Schickhardt has unique experience in German and international sports law, he has a very high profile and, over the years, has developed an extensive network of contacts and connections with the most important decision makers in all key areas of professional sports. His success rate in numerous spectacular lawsuits has attracted widespread media attention, and clients who are in the public sphere know that they can depend on him in critical situations. Christoph Schickhardt’s clients include Bundesliga and second division soccer clubs, as well as international sports business entrepreneurs, players, trainers, managers, and other leading contributors. In 2008 he and his legal team were named “Sports Law Firm of the Year” in Germany by JUVE. Christoph Schickhardt personally caters to his clients’ needs and interests around the clock, and he embodies the Schickhardt Rechtsanwälte law firm. He has also been a lecturer at Reinhold Würth University in Künzelsau since 2005 and was awarded an honorary professorship by the university in 2013.

Birth year: 1955
Legal specialization: Professional sports law
Licensed to practice since: 1983
Education: Tübingen University
Foreign languages: English and French

Dr. Joachim Rain



Joachim Rain is one of the leading legal experts in the German and international soccer business, and he is also a proven, internationally connected specialist for complex national and international transfers.


The Soccer Legal publication – the international mouthpiece for professional soccer law – regularly requests articles and appraisals from Joachim Rain. Joachim Rain represents the most famous German and international clubs, players, trainers, and consultants in the soccer business. He specializes in the drafting of national and international transfer contracts, player contracts, and consultant contracts. He is also the most recommended and most frequently engaged lawyer in case proceedings at the International Sports Tribunal in Lausanne (CAS). His chosen fields include the legal representation of clubs, players, and trainers in proceedings involving the judicial bodies of FIFA and the UEFA. Famous athletes in various sports disciplines benefit from Joachim Rain’s expertise in doping and disciplinary offenses. As a member of the Association Internationale des Avocats du Soccer (AIAF) he has a global network of contacts and connections in professional soccer and sports. Joachim Rain unites exclusive competence with outstanding commitment and dedication to his clients’ causes and, as a result, they feel secure in the knowledge that they are in excellent hands and getting comprehensive legal support and advice of the very highest standard.

Birth year: 1971
Legal specialization: Professional sports law, marketing law, medical law
Licensed to practice since: 1999
Education: Heidelberg University
Foreign languages: English and French


Office manager: Nadja Baumgärtner
Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-131
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-139
E-mail rain@schickhardt-law.com

Professor Dr. Ralf Kitzberger LL. M.


Specialized Attorney for Copyright and Media Law
Specialized Attorney for Industrial Property Protection
Specialized Attorney for Information Technology Law

Ralf Kitzberger has extensive expertise in the key fields of copyright law, media law, and IT law. This makes him an important partner to the complex music, entertainment, and event business.


He also has an extensive network of contacts with leading members of the show business and the entertainment sector. Famous artists, musicians, bands, labels, producers, and filmmakers trust in his valuable expertise in contract drafting and legal representation on an extensive range of issues. Ralf Kitzberger draws on his commitment, targeted expertise, and many years of experience to protect his clients’ interests against the increasingly frequent breaches of copyright and encroachments on their personal rights. People in the public eye trust Ralf Kitzberger to uphold their personal rights and privacy, especially in dealings with the press and other media, as well as the social media. He has earned the recognition and respect of the national music and entertainment industry as a tough and reliable negotiation partner. Ralf Kitzberger uses his competence and sound judgment to support his clients in the music and entertainment business, and he is often their dependable and down-to-earth partner throughout their entire careers. As a member of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers he has access to a global network. Numerous international celebrities and successful artists are now among his clients. Professionally designed contracts are a must in the complex music and entertainment business because they protect the artists’ long-term interests despite the fast-paced environment they work in. Many of the leading and most coveted artists and celebrities have been using Ralf Kitzberger’s services for many years and they feel entirely safe in his hands. Ralf Kitzberger is a lecturer at the Merz Academy, a design, art, and media college in Stuttgart.

Birth year: 1968
Legal specializations: Copyright and media law, general industrial property law, IT law, entertainment law, privacy law
Licensed to practice since: 1998
Education: Konstanz University, Lausanne University and Temple University (Philadelphia)
Foreign languages: English and French

Leonie K. Frank


Specialized Attorney for Labor Law

Leonie Frank specializes in labor law and has an excellent reputation in Germany as a proven expert in critical, high-risk labor law cases. International and global corporations and mid-sized, family-run companies with international operations trust in her advice on collective and individual labor law issues.


Her professional competence in representing the executive boards, directors, and managers of national and international corporations has enabled her to build a select base of high-profile clients. Leonie Frank also provides committed and passionate support to Bundesliga and second division soccer clubs in complex labor law disputes, as well as designing contracts that protect clubs, players, and trainers from risks and hazards. She gained additional international experience during her employment with Kelley Drye & Warren LLP in New York. Leonie Frank is also a member of the Volksbank Ludwigsburg Supervisory Board.

Birth year: 1981
Legal specialization: Labor law
Licensed to practice since: 2010
Education and work experience: Tübingen University and Kelley Drye & Warren LLP New York
Foreign languages: English, French and Russian

Dr. Wolfgang Frank


Attorney and Notary Public, retired

Dr. Wolfgang Frank is a notary and proven legal expert who has accumulated a wealth of experience over the years as adviser to and representative of corporate clients and individuals in the areas of company law and contract law. He also has extensive practical experience in property and property development law.


He also has extensive practical experience in property and property development law. For decades he has been a sought-after consultant to family-owned companies in succession, acquisition, sale, and conversion processes, and as a commercial and corporate law consultant in complex transactions. Decades of experience as an attorney and notary have enabled Dr. Wolfgang Frank to establish close and trusting relationships with his clients, who also seek his advice about inheritance law issues and important personal matters. These longstanding clients include top entrepreneurs who have trusted in his advice over the decades. Thanks to his experience abroad, they can also count on his reliability and personal service in connection with international legal issues.

Birth year: 1943
Legal specializations: Company law, inheritance law, property law, property development law, commercial law
Licensed to practice since: 1971
Education: Augustana College, Rock Island (Illinois), Tübingen University, and Munich University
Foreign languages: English, French and Spanish

Dr. Thomas Himmer


Thomas Himmer is specialized in the fields of professional sports and entertainment law. Due to the exemplary combination of these areas he is not only a reliable partner in these specific legal matters, but he also supports our clients as a consultant in strategic and conceptual questions.


With great commitment and legal understanding of the peculiarities of the industry, he advises the leading players and advocates for their individual concerns and needs. His high level of expertise in the field of German, European and international corporate law is the result of many years of academic activity, additional training in economics and in-depth experience in one of Germany’s leading law firms. Thomas Himmer acts as a reliable and holistic advisor for nationally and globally operating companies.

Thomas Himmer gained international experience by working at the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations in New York, at the University of Dar-es-Salaam/Tanzania and during a one-year stay in Uganda as part of his community service. As a result, he is particularly committed to intercultural understanding.

Birth year: 1988
Legal specializations: Professional sports law, entertainment law, corporate law
Education: University of Bayreuth and Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations New York
Foreign languages: English and French


Office manager: Nadja Baumgärtner
Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-131
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-139
E-mail himmer@schickhardt-law.com

A team is only as good …

… as the people behind the scenes.

Iris Fuchs
Office Manager / Prof. Christoph Schickhardt

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-121
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-129
E-mail fuchs@schickhardt-law.com

Nadja Baumgärtner
Office Manager / Dr. Joachim Rain

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-131
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-139
E-mail baumgaertner@schickhardt-law.com

Leyla Nar
Office Manager / Prof. Dr. Ralf Kitzberger

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-141
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-149
E-mail nar@schickhardt-law.com

Iolanda Adami
Office Manager / Leonie Frank

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-151
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-159
E-mail adami@schickhardt-law.com

Britta Bär
Office Manager / Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Certified Paralegal

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-161
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-169
E-mail baer@schickhardt-law.com

Melanie Stoll
Certified Paralegal

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-171
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-179
E-mail stoll@schickhardt-law.com

Josephine El Abd
Controlling / Finances

Phone +49 (0) 7141 6487-180
Fax +49 (0) 7141 6487-189
E-mail elabd@schickhardt-law.com

Selina Prys
Paralegal in education

Our Areas of Special Expertise

Sports law

Sports law

We support national and international soccer clubs, trainers, and professional athletes in all sport disciplines in both day-to-day legal affairs and in success-critical situations. These clients trust in our highly specialized expertise in sports law and all related areas.

Media law

Media law

We support national and international artists, musicians, music labels, and filmmakers both on stage and behind the scenes, especially in success-critical situations, such as record label contracts, or the protection of personal rights, copyright, and trademark rights. These clients trust in our highly specialized expertise in entertainment law and all related areas.


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E-mail mail@schickhardt-law.com

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